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Armando Hidalgo

Director of Servicing at Platinum Auto Finance

Armando Hidalgo, Director of Servicing at Platinum Auto Finance in the Sub Prime Auto Finance space who services consumers experiencing credit challenges or no credit by providing servicing for their vehicle that meets their needs, while providing servicing for a financial vehicle to improve their credit worthiness 

 Armando understands not every scenario will result in a win-win outcome in this space, however providing the consumer with information of the benefits, the opportunity and the rewards of their hard work in a positive manner will empower and encourage consumers to do what’s best for them and their families.    

Armando has supported automation and technology every step of the way. 

Being proactive with the training and developing of Servicing and Leadership Teams to maximize the individual’s knowledge of the products or programs unlocking their respective potentials and improve performance. 

A most recent experience was the transition of Old-World technology such as desk phones, fax machines, and paper records to cloud based SAAS technologies from a cloud-based phone system, digital document interaction and a comprehensive cloud-based Payroll system. 

The changes supercharged and streamlined overall operations and production, but most importantly greatly accepted and appreciated by the entire staff. 

Along with more robust analytics and reporting to fuel our strategies, our overall production has increased, without added strains or stress on our Servicing Team 

 Armando has adopted successful models in all areas of servicing from the CBS (Center for Business Solutions) platform, compliance certified annually by AFSA (American Financial Services Association), active member of The John Maxwell Co. and currently studying PureCloud dynamics, all to improve the customer experience with best in class customer service, remain compliant and utilizing best practices.  

Armando has over 25 years’ experience in the Consumers of Auto Finance Collections/Servicing field holds an Associates in Business Management from St. Phillips College