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Matt Beardsley

Manager, Consumer Underwriting, High-Risk at Pentagon Federal Credit Union

I started my career at PenFed CU back in 2001 while finishing school at the University of Oregon. I worked in Operations during my first 12 years engaging in various roles ranging from supervising, consumer underwriting, consulting for mortgages, to management.

In 2013, I joined our Financial Crimes Unit. Working in financial crimes provided unlimited exposure and opportunity to investigate and analyze various consumer bank fraud cases. In this role I interviewed victims of identity theft, fraudsters, and businesses (employers). I provided thorough written case summaries and analysis and identified trends/patterns observed in a variety of bank fraud schemes. I have extensive experience in all things tethered to consumer bank fraud: Synthetic Identity Fraud (SID), Money Mule Schemes, Elder Abuse/Exploitation cases, Check Fraud, ACH Fraud, Account Takeovers (ATO’s), Wire Fraud, Straw Buyer/Borrower Schemes, Phantom Car Loan Fraud, Credit Washing/Credit Repair Schemes, filing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), etc.

I have testified in federal criminal cases for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), U.S. Secret Service (USSS) & U.S. Postal Inspectors (USPIS). I have organized and administered fraud awareness trainings disseminated to internal staff at PenFed CU for our Operations & Consumer Underwriting teams.

In 2018, I was given the opportunity to manage a new division of consumer underwriting ‘Consumer Underwriting, High-Risk’ with a mission to identify and mitigate both 1st and 3rd party consumer loan fraud during loan origination. In this role I manage a team of consumer underwriters that are responsible for the detection and identification of possible consumer loan fraud. Whether it’s misgivings or misrepresentations on a credit application or evidence of credit report manipulation, this team drives to eliminate fraudulent 1st and 3rd party risk from our consumer loan portfolio’s.